Xiaomi is new company which was founded in China. But within short period of time Xiaomi was able to catch the global and now it’s very popular not only in Sri Lanka, Asia but also in western countries. People say it’s the Apple company of China. why? unlike traditional Chinese products, Xiaomi has a unique approach. they high pay attention to design, quality and package. They currently manufacture wide range of gadgets. but as hobbyists and action camera lovers what you should be interested at is Xiaomi Yi action camera.
From the moment you saw it, you will fall in love with it so sure. it’s handy and cute. It’s not just the well designed action camera but what’s inside is very powerful. The main camera sensor is Sony CMOS high quality sensor. With the newest update it’s equipped with 2K resolution (2048X1556). but you can also get 1080p,720p as usual. Slow Motion lovers, this is camera you should consider. it can handle 60fps, 120fps and 240fps.
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