Xiaomi Yi Smart Home camera setup guide

1) Power up the camera

start the Yi smart camera by connecting the provided two meter cable and power adapter to the power wall socket.


2) Start Yi Home app

Download the official app using the given link and install it into your smartphone or smart tablet. Initialize the app by clicking the installed app icon. Then create a Mi account.Please keep app country/region as china mainland. Click here for our Mi account signup guide.

google-play-icon ios-appstore-icon



3) Wait for blinking yellow led

after powering up Yi smart camera, wait for sometime until camera led starts to blink in yellow color. you may hear some Chinese voice through camera built-in speakers.


4) Ready your WiFi modem/router

make sure your WiFi router is working properly and place Yi smart camera somewhere within WiFi signal range.


5) In-app settings

when camera led is blinking yellow, app will prompt you to click "next". Then you will be given to insert your router's WiFi settings such as password. Give correct details and proceed next.


6) Read QR code

after setting up WiFi settings, a QR code will appear in the app display. Place your device in front of Yi smart camera so it can read the QR code which appears in the app.


7) Finishing up

Yi smart camera will recognize the given QR code and will start an automatic process. This might take 1-3 minutes to finish. If you have followed the steps correctly the app will notify you the camera is ready to use or rest the camera otherwise.


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