SJCAM action camera buying guide

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SJCAM is a great brand specially for budget seekers. The main reason why i wrote this is rise of duplicates/fakes in the Sri lanka. Duplicate brands are flooding in local market saying it’s the SJCAM action camera. The first original version of SJ4000 did have the SJCAM logo on it’s camera body. and that turned out be a heavenly chance for fake manufactures. Even today our Sri Lankan market is full of fake action cameras specially in buy and sell websites. If you new to this or confused how to chose the genuine hope this following tips will help you.
1- Look for the secret code in the side of the Box.newer models have this definitely.
2- Newer models are coming with SJCAM logo printed on its body (from SJ4000wifi)
3- Welcome display starts with SJCAM logo.
4- Original SJCAM smartphone app only connects to genuine SJCAM products.
5- Fake cameras cannot be updated from SJCAM firmware update files.
those are main things you can check before buying a SJCAM model. fact 4 and 5 will be useful if you think you have fall into a fake model.

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