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If you are in to the world of consumer drones/copters the name “Syma” can not be missed. It’s the most popular, reliable hobby drone manufacture in the world as well as in Sri Lanka today. and they have ton of various drones which are made for different user requirements.

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Why you should start with a hobby drone?
Before doing to very expensive drone brands such as DJI, 3DR it is always advised to get your first hand on experience with hobby drones. You will learn fundamentals of drone piloting, how they work, safety steps, etc.
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Syma drone buying guide
if you are very very new to drones its always good to start with mid-sized drone which as decent features to get practiced for a new guy. My suggestion is Syma x5c-1 quadcopter.
There are lots of variants in x5 series with slightly different features. i will get those in future posts.

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