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Holystone HS100 (S70W) WiFi 1080p GPS Smart Drone

Rs 28,800.00

Not only do Holystone drones look great, but they fly great too. HS100 (S70W) model provides great features for it’s price for beginner and expert flyers. One of the best things about this S70W is probably its GPS assisted feature, making the drone simply a pleasure and more safe to fly. HS100 model is more like DJI Phantom 3 drone but much cheaper than PH3.

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(updated: 03/03/2019)


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GPS Assisted Flight – Perhaps one of the HS100’s most advanced and key features is GPS assisted flight, enhancing both the safety and location of the drone. This function allows for automatic return to home, whenever the battery of the Navigator is low or you lose signal.

For this reason, the HS100 is a perfect drone for starters who want to eliminate worries over losing their drone. It also offers a Smart Return to Home mode, which allows the drone to safely fly back to you at the push of a button. (note that a quick GPS calibration before each flight is required!)

Follow Me Mode – That’s not all its advanced GPS assisted flight is used for. It is also used to perform features like follow me mode, allowing the drone to of course, follow you. With follow me mode on, you can see just how easy it is to setup the perfect shot, while not having to worry about flying the HS100 drone yourself. It’s important to note that its Follow Me mode feature uses the GPS in your phone and not the drone itself.

FPV Mode – Of course, what would the HS100 quadcopter be without FPV mode? It is Holy Stone after all, and they don’t just stop there. They’ve also added a 1080P FullHD camera with a 120-degree field of view and a 90-degree adjustable angle, allowing you to capture just about everything in sight.

One Key Takeoffs – The HS100 also allows you to take-off and land at the single push of a button. This goes nicely along with its follow me mode and altitude hold mode features, giving you an almost hands-off flying experience, if you so desire!

Headless Mode – Of course the one mode, we all need at some point and time is headless mode. This allows the flyer to fly his or her quadcopter without worrying over orientation. That way, whenever you push-up on the throttle the drone flies forward and vice versa, giving you a much more simplified and in some ways, more enjoyable flight experience.

Safety Features – In addition to the Navigator’s assisted GPS flight mode, we see other important features regarding safety in the HS100, such as an emergency stop function and low battery warning.


Product Specifications:

– size: 50 x 50 x 18mm
– GPS system for auto-return, follow me, auto-land and auto-takeoff
– 1080p FullHD recording wifi camera with adjustable angle
– 7.4v 2500mAh huge Li-po battery
– 10-15minutes of fun flying time
– around 500m of transmitter control distance
– built-in 300mAh transmitter battery
– 6-axis gyro flying stabilization


In the box:

– 1 x HS100 (S70W) drone quadcopter
– 1 x S70W transmitter with battery
– 1 x 2500mAh smart battery
– 1 x battery charger
– 4 x propellers
– 4 x extra propellers
– 1 x english user manual


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